2012-06-24 Flash Flood Sicamous Creek – UPDATE – Sunday 09:45 p.m.

BC’s River Forecast reports this afternoon a FLOOD WARNING is in effect for the following areas:

South Thompson River – Shuswap Lake – Shuswap River between Lumby and Enderby (no word on Mara, but expect similar conditions).

(The definition of “Flood Warning” means that a water body has exceeded its capacity and that flooding of nearby areas may occur).

People in Sicamous advised to NOT drink tap water. Several vehicles caught in flash flooding have contaminated water. Boiling water won’t work.

Residents stranded near Sicamous,BC. A ruined Swansea Point Road.
Image Linked from http://live.cbc.ca

There are daily speculations as to how high water levels of Shuswap and Mara Lakes will rise. Different government agencies have provided different measurements often accompanied by opinions as to what is going to happen what may have mislead some to let down their guard prematurely. Poor property flood preparations and protection is visible everywhere along the shores of both lakes. Consider the current situation, keep an eye on the weather and use your common sense.

Devastation at Hwy. 97A near Sicamous, BC
Image Linked from http://live.cbc.ca/Event/CBC_BC

The City of Salmon Arm has issued an advisory for power boaters to slow down (good luck with that!) and not create devastating waves close to shorelines.

Whereas Kamloops RCMP has closed the South Thompson River and adjacent waterways for boating due to flooding and associated dangers, North Okanagan and Shuswap officials seem more concerned about possibly lost tourism revenues at the expense of local flood victims. With more rain in the forecast for most of next week, lakes and rivers will  continue to rise. Without a doom’s day outlook, the devastation will continue for a while longer and flooded areas including high waterways – simply won’t be able to accommodate the many anxious tourist waiting to pour into BC at the end of this month.

At approx. 06:30 p.m. during heavy rains on Saturday, 23 June 2012, a flash flood occurred at Sicamous Creek, 2 Km south of Sicamous flooding Hwy. 97A and adjacent waterfront properties. Mostly affected is the property of Waterway Houseboat Vacations. All residents were evacuated in time and no one was hurt as far as we know. At the time of this report, the highway remains closed until further notice.  Click the image to see a slideshow of this event…

Photo linked from “Shuswap Lake Watch”

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