2012-06-26 Shuswap River Continues to Rise

Local residents who are frantically involved with sand bagging to protect their community from further flooding, have reported that the Shuswap River is on a steady rise. Below is a photo showing today’s gauge reading  at the River Walk Trail in Enderby, BC

Shuswap River Water Level – 26 June 2012
Photo by Hungry Jack’s Enderby, BC

ATTENTION ALL !!! Anyone who has taken photos of the 2012 Shuswap Flood -
Bernhard Kramer, webmaster of shuswaplakewatch.com of Sicamous who reliably measures Shuswap Lake water level daily for 17 years, has started a photo archive to document this historic event. Please, help by submitting your photos or videos for future generations to enjoy. Check his website at: http://www.shuswaplakewatch.com/

2012-06-25 Flood Patrol – Enderby to Mabel Lake, BC

Anyone who still got doubts about how much more the water levels of Shuswap and Mara Lakes are going to rise should take a drive out to Enderby and on to Mabel Lake. The magnitude of flooding in the Shuswap River Valley is beyond anyone’s imagination. Below are some of the images we took during our patrol. Click on any image and you will be directed to our entire 2012 Shuswap Flood album.

Flooded Grindrod Ball Park

Flooded Grindrod Ball Park Boat Launch

Flooding at Ashton Creek Hall Campground

Flooded Property at Ashton Creek Hall

Swollen Shuswap River between Enderby and Mabel Lake

Flooded Shuswap River Valley

Flooded Shuswap River Valley between Enderby and Mabel Lake

Flooded Cooke Creek Campground on Shuswap River

Submerged Dolly Varden Beach at Mabel Lake’s Kingfisher Boat Launch

Flooded Boat Launch at Kingfisher, Mabel Lake

SK – Updated : 26 June 2012

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