2012-08-03 Canoe to Salmon Arm

On Friday, just before the long weekend it was time to hit the mighty Shuswap to paddle from Canoe to Salmon Arm harbour and back. Conditions were calm in the morning – very little boating going on. Two kayakers returned from across the lake, probably from Herald Park. At Captain’s Cove Marina, I met a very nice lady in her kayak. I think she said her name was “Chris”, her accent was British and she said she lived somewhere at Raven and that she was an avid paddler. Interesting considering how few people I have met in the past years kayaking on the big lake. We had a grand time chatting and as we paddled together all the way to Ranger’s Camp where she turned around and I continued into Salmon Arm Bay. Click the image below for a slide show.

Foreshore at Salmon Arm Bay
Image Source: © 2012 Shuswap Kayaks

Chris said she had read about Shuswap Kayaks online somewhere… no wonder given the many videos and trip reports released promoting this beautiful area. The scenery at the bay area was stunning: blue skies, water like glass, Mount Ida majestically towering above town and eagles screaming above. In total there was one pair of golden eagles, four bald eagles, ospreys, herons, geese and ducks… and countless other waterfowl. The gulls were done nesting at Christmas Island, so no harassment from them for paddling inside the sanctuary. About two weeks ago, a huge flock of the gulls encircled my kayak in low flight and at times I had my paddle up to keep them at bay. Here’s a 2011 video link. In the afternoon, the wind picked up and things got wavy making the trip home a sheer joy!

Heading back over to Raven
Image Source: © 2012 Shuswap Kayaks

Beach time at Ranger’s Camp
Image Source: © 2012 Shuswap Kayaks

SK – Updated: 03 August 2012

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