Sugar Lake Paddle + Camp – 10-11-12 August 2012

Nestled in the Southern Monashee Mountains of BC lies a beautiful place known to nature enthusiasts as Sugar Lake. A fair sized paddle lake of about 9 x 6 Km’s in the Shuswap River Valley. Shuswap Kayaks are leaving for this destination on Friday morning, 10 August 2012 and we estimate to arrive there around noon. We return home on the following Sunday. Copy the link from the image caption if your computer doesn’t allow you to view images in this website (which is a settings issue in Internet Explorer). Download a Sugar Lake Topo map to carry with you on the trip.

Sugar Lake is remotely situated in a wilderness setting. There is no cell phone coverage. Carry pepper spray – Shuswap River Valley is ‘Big Bear’ country.

Bring socks to wear in the evenings – local ‘No-See-Ems’ can be vicious at Sugar Lake…

To get there from Vernon, turn east onto Hwy.6 and head east for approx. 50 Km’s. You will soon find yourself off radar from cell services as there is no coverage farther east of Vernon. Go past the community of Lumby and look for “Frank’s Store + Gas” on your left near Cherryville. This is the last opportunity to get gas before heading into the wild. Sugar Lake Road intersects at this location – follow it north for about 16.25 Km’s to where you cross a bridge to the Western side of Sugar Lake.

“Squatter’s Launch Site” on Sugar Lake, BC + GPS Coordinates
Image Source: Google Earth
Click Image for Interactive Map at:

Bypass the resort area and follow the main road. At about 800 m from the bridge there is a ‘Y’ junction and the road to the right leads directly along the lake’s shoreline. The main road (left) continues into a higher elevation onto a bench above the lake only to rejoin with the shoreline road at about 8 Km’s. Follow the main road for another 1,300 meters to a open area where buses and Rvs camp wild year round. Park and launch your ‘yak. Head for the smaller island (left one) which is to the south-east at about 1.2 Km’s off shore.

Keep an eye on the weather – winds are common from north to north-eastern directions and things can get rough on Sugar Lake. Once you are on the lake, look for kayaks. Go between the islands and look for ruins of an old homestead to the north and a small beach to land. We are planning to occupy the smaller island for this outing, but in case someone’s there before us, we will seek a spot at a sandy beach at the north-eastern shore, across from the islands.

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